Our expertise

Not only we design all of your Web tools and solutions, but we also bring a creative touch that makes the difference.


Institutional & e-commerce websites

For over a decade, our agency has a recognized expertise in creating product catalog and e-commerce websites. We consider that technology should serve creating inspiring, communicative and efficient websites.

When it comes to institutional websites, design, accessibility and usability are the areas of work that we value. Thoughtful design is definitely a source of brand quality. Our creative team is therefore given the green light to come up with a visual identity and graphics that provide value-added.

We can proceed in two ways: we redesign your current visual identity or we create one from nothing. In both cases, Evolution-Net’s designers redouble their ingenuity to come up with an original creation.

Our sites’ accessibility must be ensured to its maximum and we put a lot of effort in creating ergonomic websites for which navigation is fluid, intuitive, simple and obvious. Our technical team takes this in charge.

For the e-commerce websites, we gather the technical and creative talents of our agency to deliver powerful tools that represent source of revenue for our clients. CMS implementation makes our e-commerce websites fully and easily manageable, endowing companies with a point of sale open 24/7.


Social Networks & Mobile Applications

How can you miss this unprecedented movement that is social networking? Our e-reputation department is composed of social media strategy specialists. We take in charge the whole process, from the definition of the strategy through the creation of content and to the operational management actions.

Our creative and technical teams will strive to make you gain success on social networks and benefit from the extra visibility and traffic, improved customer relationship or even a new point of sale.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Google AdWords

The purpose of the websites and Web solutions we design is generating ROI, developing awareness and visibility for our customers. If you are not found, you don’t exist at all. This is why we pay special attention to offering our clients the best search engine optimization techniques. We combine two different approaches for this: SEO and PPC (Pay per Click).

Our specialists will work to improve your site’s ranking in the search engines’ results: keywords, titles, alt tags, written content and many more. All these elements are optimized before delivering the finished product, so that they appear in the famous Google Golden Triangle – first three results on the first page. Adding a PPC campaign to search engine optimization ensures maximum visibility for your website.


Newsletter & SMS-MMS

The newsletter allows you to keep your current customers, while conquering new ones. Our designs integrate your graphic brief and create a customized design, which leads to an attractive and original Web solution.

Our technical team ensures targeting your audience, providing qualified contacts, mailing the newsletter and statistical data on the whole process. Another objective is developing your visibility, traffic and brand image by communicating effectively on various points, such as news, the launch of a new product, a promotion and many other things that can get you benefits.

Our experts can also handle SMS-MMS direct marketing campaigns. Particularly effective, SMS-MMS marketing campaigns are instant, viral, powerful and economical. The budget is totally controlled because the cost of the operation depends only on the number of SMS you want us to send. No matter if these campaigns are informative, advertising a product or aiming to keep the clients loyal to the company, we will help you give them the most creative form and ensure a real impact.

Mobility is the key word to an Internet strategy. It is no longer enough for a website to be online and it is absolutely necessary to think to « mobility”. Evolution-Net offers design and development of mobile applications for all devices and technologies: iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Unix/Linux and many more.

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