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The mobile revolution Android
Androïd, La référence Open Source
The Open Source Reference Android is an open source operating system – free software – used for the development of mobile applications on smartphones and tablets.
Increasingly popular due to the fluidity of navigation it offers, Android is gradually establishing itself as the essential reference in terms of Open Source technology.
Evolution-Net masters its operation and offers you the possibility of equipping your company with mobile applications available and accessible from terminals of all brands and manufacturers:  I Phone,
Samsung Galaxy , Sony Mobile , Blackberry…

Mobile applications on Android, what advantages ?
Why entrust us with the design and development of your mobile application? Because we know how to make you benefit from its advantages:

  • Brand image revitalized and modernized thanks to an attractive, accessible support, and anchored in its time.
  • Bringing together the brand and Internet users / Mobile users. A mobile app makes society closer, more fun. Add value to a company’s web communication by offering attractive and rich content.
  • Engages the visitor in a loyalty process.
  • Conquest of new visitors: increase in traffic and general visibility.
  • Generation of new customers and leads.

The keys to the success of your future mobile application 
Using our design, production and development service for Android mobile applications is your assurance that you are dealing with a qualified service provider who will do everything to make your application a success. How? ‘Or’ What ? By respecting the key factors of its success.

  • Experience & entertainment
    Your application must be ergonomic, fluid, simple and quick to use. In short, it must offer a real user experience. It must also offer a significant level of entertainment and playfulness. We are working in this direction.
  • Scalability & longevity
    Its use must be in the long term so as not to be a simple “coup de comm”, which would devalue it. Its content must be scalable in order to adapt to different uses.
  • Originality & positioning
    In front of the countless applications emerging every week, a successful application will be one that finds its market, its niche of users while offering a high level of originality. It must offer attractive and even innovative content.
  • Functionality & usefulness
    By definition, an application must be useful, represent a real interest for its users. It must avoid the pitfall of being a simple gadget. During the design phase, the question of utility and service provided to users is fundamental to its success.

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