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Mobile App

Being mobile, a strategic weapon

Des applications mobiles génératrices de revenus

Almost half of the UK population now owns a Smartphone. How to miss this new space and new mode of communication?

Mobility is the watchword of a successful Internet strategy; mobility is an essential issue of our time and of our society in constant movement and whose public is constantly on the move.

It has become essential to reach this moving target. A website cannot be satisfied with a simple online presence, it has become necessary to also think of “mobility”. Your site should be able to fit in the palm of your hand and your pages should be navigated with your fingertips. Our Web agency Evolution-Net offers you the creation and development of mobile sites and downloadable applications, both dynamic and intuitive in terms of use.

Because the concept of mobility must be associated with that of ease and speed.

The benefits of Mobility

Développement du chiffre d’affaires : le m-commerce est un espace de vente à part entière dont il faut être capable de tirer profit.

  • Customer loyalty: an application is an extension of your company. By simply pressing a button your audience reaches you frequently

  • Competitive Advantage: It is estimated that by 2015 more than 50% of Internet connections will be made from a Smartphone. Do not waste any more time and embark on this project before your competitors.

  • Development of turnover: m-commerce is a fully-fledged sales space which must be able to take advantage of.

For your site and mobile application project, we are responsible for all terminals and technologies:

  • iPhone & iPad
  • Android & Android Tablets
  • Blackberry
  • Symbian
  • Windows Mobile
  • Unix / Linux

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