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Institutional sites

Recognized know-how in the creation of institutional websites

For over 20 years now, Evolution-Net web agency has a solid experience and expertise in creating institutional websites.

We put our skills at the service of more than 200 companies and organizations for whom we design tools including the purpose and to set up a powerful web communication. The sites we develop are thought to be also informative and inspiring.

The combination of these 3 key factorscommunication, information, inspiration – is the guarantee of your success on the Internet. By entrusting us with your web project, you will benefit from our mastery in the design, conception, creation and development of institutional websites.

Total accessibility
The notion of accessibility is an integral part of the central elements of the sites we create. Because we always design them with the objective that the visitor must have the easiest possible access to your site.
As such, Evolution-Net web agency follows the recommendations issued by the American organization of the Internet founder, the W3C (Worldwide Web Consortium). Most of the sites we design are level AA or AAA.
In short, they tend towards a simplicity of use which makes them accessible to the greatest number.

Easily manageable sites
Simplify the use of our clients’ websites and one of the creeds of our design and development process. When we create sites, we want to deliver the most easily controllable and manageable tool. This is why in 90% of cases, our websites contain a content management module: a CMS (Content Management System).

For this, we analyze with you what are your needs, your expectations, the specificities of your sector. After which, we create and implement user-friendly interfaces, which allow everyone to quickly modify the content of the site.
Content management via a CMS module will give you significant advantages:

  • Reduced maintenance costs: you make the changes yourself.
  • Control of the information disseminated on your site: no more editing errors.
  • Time saving.
  • Improved responsiveness: the information on your site changes in real time.

A tailor-made web design
Having a quality brand image on the Internet definitely gives your communication more impact. Our creative teams are able to design and realize for you a visual identity and a strong, coherent and differentiating graphic charter.

We can do this in two ways: redesign, rethink and improve your existing visual identity or create an ex-nihilo.
Evolution-Net web agency designers have the full skills to carry out your project. Web experts, they will advise you on the adaptations and changes necessary to make to your current brand image or they will redouble their creativity and ingenuity to design an original creation.
In all cases, our design & graphic creation department will make your image live or re-live on the Internet, in line with the strengths and values ​​of your company.

Optimal navigation ergonomics Paris agence web Evolution-net | E-commerce logiciel
The ergonomics of your future website is a major component of its success.
The navigation on the pages must be thought of as being as intuitive, simple and obvious as possible. In a word: ergonomic.

Again, our agency has all the experience and technique required to design and create web tools with an optimal user experience. Because successful navigation ergonomics sends a positive message to the public: the more fluid and intuitive the ergonomics of navigation, the more the quality of the company’s brand image is enhanced.

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