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Google AdWords

Increased and qualified traffic thanks to Google AdWords

  • Keyword purchases and sponsored link campaigns
  • Evolution-Net is your qualified partner for your Google AdWords campaigns.

Evolution-Net est votre partenaire qualifié pour vos campagnes Google Adwords.

By investing in the purchase of sponsored keywords, you will increase and improve the SEO of your site, and therefore the visibility and awareness of your company, its products and services. Google AdWords allows you to create advertising campaigns on Google, the world’s leading search engine.

You just have to invest a certain amount on the purchase of strategic keywords related to your activity and according to the Pay Per Click mode.

When a user searches on Google, your ad will appear in the “sponsored links” area at the top right of the page. This makes your campaign particularly visible to the public and your marketing target.

The advantage is that you optimize your natural referencing. The second strong point of this technical solution lies in the payment method: you only pay when a user clicks on the sponsored link in which the keywords are inserted.

To help you in this process and increase the ROI, Evolution-Net studies for you the best possible combination between natural referencing and Google AdWords campaign. Because a poorly studied and poorly designed keyword purchase operation cannot produce the expected positive effects.

Our agency knows how to carry out this singular operation which requires:

  • A deep understanding of how search engines work A clear definition of the strategy and the objectives to be achieved Total mastery of the Google Adwords tool.
  • By entrusting us with your keyword buying campaign, you will avoid the dysfunctions and additional costs of a misguided campaign

How can we help you ?
Evolution-Net supports the entire Google AdWords campaign for its customers, from its design to its operational implementation:

  • Creation of your account on Google AdWords.
  • Definition of the budget to be allocated.
  • Choice of keywords according to the sector of activity, products, services, competition… according to the “broad”, “exact” or “approximate expressions” modes in order to obtain the most effective field of action possible.
  • Choice of keywords according to their purchase cost and their probability of conversion in “clicks”.
  • Design of targeted ads according to Internet users’ profile, location, etc. Creation of announcements in text or image form.

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