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Your site on the 1st page of Google

Visibility, is a major issue.
In all the projects that Evolution-Net carries out for
its customers  (sites, mobiles, SMS / MMS …) o
Votre site en 1ère page de Googlene of the major concerns is that of obtaining the best possible ROI.

A website, and an online marketing campaign in general, must indeed be a source of acquisition of new customers, loyalty, market share gains … which translate and are quantified by an increase in turnover. business, function of initial investment.

To achieve this goal, we precisely target and reach your audience through a comprehensive and effective multi channel strategy.
Because your initial need can either be:

  • Developing the visibility of your company, your brand
  • The acquisition of a new customer segment.

In both cases, Evolution-Net masters both the challenges of search engine optimization, or Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as well as Pay Per Click through a keyword purchasing campaign (PPC). We combine these two complementary techniques to ensure you an optimal success of your presence and your actions on the Internet.

Our SEO & PPC approach

At Evolution-Net, we attach great importance to the ranking of our customers’ sites on search engines, and more

Notre approche SEO et PPC

particularly on the undisputed leader: Google.

To obtain the best natural referencing possible, our agency has among its collaborators SEO specialists who work on the content management of the sites we create: keywords, titles, alt tags, page titles, quality and density of the page information…. This information is optimized during the construction phase of websites.

To do this, we analyze and choose together the most efficient and profitable keyword in your industry. And we guarantee that it fits into Google’s famous Golden Triangle.The “Golden Triangle” is the upper left part of the search engine. A study has indeed shown that the Internet user’s eye is first on this area of ​​the first 3 research results.

Appearing in the Golden Triangle has the direct benefit of producing 14 times more clicks than a poorly referenced website appearing in 10th place.

We are also coupling this technique to PPC via a keyword purchase campaign. Evolution-Net we are attached to the concept of performance, you will only pay the balance of the service when the result is achieved.

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