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Social Media

Use the power of social media

The new era of communication: Web 2.0 More than 20 million French people have an active Facebook account, there are more than 5La nouvelle ère de la communication : le Web 2.0million Twitter users (up 40% in 1 year!) And there are 2 new LinkedIn members per second worldwide.
These impressive numbers of social media users demonstrate how crucial and strategic it is for a company to be present and active on community platforms in order to benefit from a massive potential customer base.

Because in the era of Web 2.0, a well thought out implementation strategy on social media is a source of success for companies and brands working on it.

The Evolution-Net e-reputation pole is made up of specialists in consulting and operational management of social media communication. We intervene from the definition phase of your strategy to the management of actions on all community platforms.

Our team masters the challenges and techniques specific to each of these sites in order to create added value for our customers at different levels:

  • Development of your visibility and your notoriety: the brand image of your company is amplified and improved thanks to the viral aspect of social media communication.
  • Increase in traffic to your site: you broadcast and bring to the view of a particularly large audience a message that has repercussions in terms of increasing the number of visitors to your website.
  • Consolidation of your customer relationship: these unique spaces of communication maintain your relationship with your audience in a qualitative way by targeting loyalty with your customers.
  • Creation of a new sales channel for products and services.

Managing your e-reputation on social networks Evolution-Net takes care of the operational implementation of your social media strategy, and monitors the action.

This phase takes place in 4 stages:

A. Proposal of actions to be carried out:

  • Définition de votre stratégie social mediaPrior audit of your e-reputation
  • Social media strategy development
  • Definition of results and objectives to be achieved Identification of the means to be implemented, the resources to be used
  • Establishment of the planning of actions to be carried outB. Operations management:
  • Organization of the management of the different actions
  • Training for the transfer of skills to the internal services of the client company

C. E-reputation watch:

  • Identification of sources on which to set up an active watch
  • Installation and deployment of specific tools

D.  Feedback and performance indicators

  • Definition and implementation of qualitative indicators
  • Definition of the risk and opportunity alert level
  • Definition of your social media strategy

The poor feedback from companies on social networks is due to a lack of clarity in defining their strategy and the objectives to be achieved.

To avoid these pitfalls, Evolution-Net accompanies you from this first step by carrying out for you a reflection in several degrees:

  • What are the results and the objectives to be achieved? in terms of quality and quantity: number of fans, followers, new website visitors, development of the brand image, etc.
  • On which community platforms does it make sense to be present?
  • What means are to be implemented? What are the most suitable supports to use? from what angle? what tone? …
  • How to gain public loyalty and how to create a new community of Internet users around your company?

All these questions (and many more!) Must be addressed and we are working to provide clear answers by advising you on specific actions to be taken.

Social Media Tips

The second phase of our support on social networks consists of guiding you in the actions to be implemented:

  • Development of the action plan in accordance with your strategy.
  • Recommendation of social and viral communication tools that meet your objectives: definition of the editorial line, Facebook applications, video content, co-branding operations, etc. Actions management.

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