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Methodology & Tools

A working method focused on results & performance 

In the projects that we carry out for our customers, we follow a working methodology whose aim is to tend towards ever more pragmatism, practicality, functionality and results.
When you entrust us with the realization of your Internet project, we first of all carry out a precise and rigorous audit of the situation.
This audit of the existing situation defines what are the points to be improved, the weaknesses to be erased, the assets to be highlighted.

This audit has several dimensions:

  • A functional audit: is the overall functionality of your site in line with the expectations of your visitors?
  • An ergonomic audit: is the navigation fluid enough, practical, intuitive?
  • A graphic audit: inventory of your graphic charter, the visual identity of the site and all other elements of communication.
  • An editorial audit: what about editorial content?

We analyze the relevance of the information, the style, the angle, the tone, the optimization for SEO … in short, everything that you say about the content and the form to your visitors.

A methodical work process for more results
And if we start the project from a blank sheet, we will systematically offer you powerful tools and solutions, which perfectly meet your expectations and needs while remaining easy to use.

Un process de travail méthodique pour plus de résultats

Because the simplicity of operation of the Web tools that we design is a major axis of our approach to work. All the sites that we deliver to our customers are easily manageable, and do not require advanced technical knowledge.

And always with the aim of placing the user at the center of the project.
This notion of user experience we integrate from the start in our achievements, whether in front or back office.

Following the audit phase, our working methodology revolves around 3 main axes:

  • The precise and methodical division of the project into several sites, for more visibility, simplicity and with the aim of promoting collaboration and exchange with the client. Service, commitment and availability to the customer.
  • From taking briefs to delivering web tools, our project managers are there to support you throughout the production process.
  • The design, creation and development of websites and web solutions according to the so-called “Agile” method. This working method, and more specifically technical development, allows us to adapt our production process to your expectations and needs.

The Agile method: exchanges with the client and increased performance

The Agile method is based on iteration and improvement. During the creation and development phases, your wishes may evolve and we can advise you on the changes and improvements to be made during the implementation of the project. La méthode « Agile » permet en somme de vous placer au centre de la réalisation, d’interagir régulièrement avec nos services techniques et créatifs tout en ajustant continuellement le travail

Because between the moment “–t” when you entrust your site to us and the moment “t” when we deliver it to you, multiple factors can be added to the starting point. The so-called “Agile” method precisely allows this adaptability. It enables structural changes to be made day after day to generate even more performance and results.

Your project is not frozen in a strict framework, it evolves, it is refined. Thanks to this work process, we bring flexibility and tailor-made to your Internet media. The “Agile” method allows you to put yourself at the center of the realization, to interact regularly with our technical and creative services while continuously adjusting the work.


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