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Strong values ​​and principles

Listening and advising At Evolution-Net web agency, we establish a relationship with our customers based on strong values ​​to which we are firmly attached: listening, understanding, strength of proposal, performance, user experience and support.

Chez Evolution-Net, nous établissons une relation avec nos clients basée sur des valeurs fortes auxquelles nous sommes fermement attachés : l’écoute, la compréhension, la force de proposition, la performance, l’expérience utilisateur et l’accompagnement.

They are at the heart of every project we carry out. They guide how we approach work. Listening and understanding because each project, each case, is unique and therefore a tailor-made response must be provided.

We are not satisfied with the ready-to-use solutions but we design for each of our customers tools that precisely meet their needs. And this by being systematically a force of proposal.

Because for the Internet projects that we lead, we strive to find and create complementary solutions, to go beyond what customers expect from us.

Support & seek performance

Performance is the result towards which we go in each project. Because we design tools whose aim is both to develop the notoriety and the presence of our customers but also to increase their turnover.

The user experience is for us an inseparable value of the purpose of the Web solutions that we set up for our customers.
Our work is ultimately aimed at men and women, ergonomics and fluidity of navigation must therefore be thought of in line with this concept. It helps to positively differentiate our customers’ sites.
We always keep it in mind. Because it takes barely 30 seconds for an Internet user to decide whether or not to contact the site he is visiting or to place an order on an e-commerce version.

Our technical and creative teams do everything in their power to ensure that in these crucial 30 seconds, our customers’ sites arouse interest, attract attention, generate a positive message and clearly communicate a proposal.

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